You Have Been Using Your Knife And Fork Wrong!


Using a knife and fork is something we do without thinking, but it turns out you might be doing it all wrong. New research found that 40 percent of people in Britain don't know how to use a knife and fork correctly, so with holiday party season arriving, the Daily Mail got etiquette expert Jo Bryant to explain how to do it right. 

  • How to Hold Your Knife and Fork -- The correct way is to hold the knife with your index finger along the top of the handle, and the fork with the tines pointing downwards, also with your index finger on the handle. 

  • When to Ditch Your Knife -- Don't cut up your food and then put down the knife and eat with just your fork. The correct way is to use both the knife and fork. There are times when using just a fork is okay, like when you're eating spaghetti, and in that case, the tines should face up.

  • How to Use Multiple Knives, Forks and Spoons in Table Settings -- The easy rule to remember is that the cutlery is arranged from the outside in, so, for instance, your soup spoon will be placed to the right and outside of the main course knife, and then as courses continue, you move inward with the cutlery.

Source: Daily Mail

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