Your S.O Is Most Likely To Cheat On You On This Day And Time!

If you’re worried about your S.O. cheating and they’ve developed a sudden interest in working out on the weekends, listen up. A new survey reveals there’s a prime time for being unfaithful and it’s Friday at 6:45pm. And the survey is from, a UK website that matches married people looking for affairs, so they really know their stuff.

The site for cheaters asked 1,000 of its users about their infidelity practices and found that Friday nights are the most popular time for cheating, followed by Tuesday evenings. Illicit Encounters also asked about the excuses people give their partners when they’re heading out for a hookup and found the top cover-up lie is spending the night out with coworkers, with going to the gym coming in a close second. And 30% of the cheaters surveyed say they’ve actually sought out someone at the gym to have an affair with.

"What this new research shows is that cheats are creatures of habit," explains Christian Grant, a spokesman for "They have strict routines which they tend to stick to when they are seeing their lover."

The infidelity and all the lies to cover it up must be hard to keep track of because 64% of respondents say they stick to a strict cheating schedule in order to keep their whereabouts on the down low. And that’s why Grant says you should be apprehensive if your partner always hangs out with work friends or heads to the gym on Friday nights.

Source: Insider

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