#Revealed - The Most Sinful Cities In The U.S!

While we all know that a lot of craziness and debauchery can happen in Las Vegas, it is certainly not the only city where people like to sin a little, and now a new report reveals which cities in the U.S. are actually the most sinful.

WalletHub has come out with their list of the Most Sinful Cities in the U.S., judging 180 cities across 37 indicators of evil deeds, including such things as excessive drinking, adult entertainment establishments, violent crimes per capita, share of adult smokers and coffee drinkers, bullying rate and more.

Not surprising, Las Vegas does indeed top the list. I mean, they don’t call it Sin City for nothing. Vegas earns a 61.32 out of 100, ranking in the top five for “Laziness,” “Vanity” and “Greed.”

Top Ten Most Sinful Cities In The U.S.(Click here to see where your city falls on the list)

  1. Las Vegas, NV

  2. Los Angeles, CA

  3. New York, NY

  4. Houston, TX

  5. St. Louis, MO

  6. Atlanta, GA

  7. Miami, FL

  8. Philadelphia, PA

  9. Chicago, IL

  10. Orlando, FL

As for the least sinful city, that “honor” goes to South Burlington, Vermont, which scores only a 21.19, and comes in dead last for “Laziness,” “Vanity” and “Greed.”

Source: WalletHub

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