The Most Expensive States To Get A Divorce!

It’s no secret that divorces are tough, and not just emotionally. Going through a divorce can be a huge financial burden, thanks to things like property division and alimony payments. But not only that, it simply just costs a lot, thanks to all the lawyers that need to get involved, and in some states those expenses can add up to a huge chunk of change.

According to a recent study, the average divorce will set a person back about $15,500, with an hourly rate for a divorce attorney at about $250. Of course, that number can be way higher depending on where you live, and the price can also fluctuate depending on whether you have kids or not.

Well, 24/7 Wall Street has looked at divorce data to determine the average cost of a divorce in each state, and finds that folks in California will likely shell out the most to end a marriage. The average divorce in California costs about $17,500, but that number goes up to $26,300 if kids are involved. And being a divorce lawyer in California is certainly profitable, considering 9.3% of the state is divorced.

Top Ten Most Expensive States To Get Divorced(average cost)

  1. California ($17,500)

  2. New York ($17,100)

  3. Delaware ($16,200)

  4. Massachusetts ($15,900)

  5. Texas ($15,600)

  6. New Jersey ($15,600)

  7. Connecticut ($15,500)

  8. Georgia ($14,700)

  9. Virginia ($14,500)

  10. Colorado ($14,500)

Source: USA Today

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