Being Vulnerable At Work Can Be A Good Thing!

Being in the office all the time, you want to seem like the tough guy. You can take on anything. You don’t even know what stress IS. You can handle multiple projects at once without drowning in them. But guess what? We’re only human, and that façade is sure to lose its sparkle when you’re actually feeling pretty down. Here are some reasons why it’s beneficial to be a little vulnerable at work:

  • You seem more confident – When you’re able to share some of the vulnerable stuff, you actually show how strong you really are.

  • It helps people connect with you – No one knows how to relate to someone that seemingly has all their crap together all the time! Show some weak spots, and people will understand you better.

  • It relieves stress on everyone – If one person feels comfortable letting out their honest stressors, everyone else will start to do the same. It makes for a healthier workplace all around.

  • Innovation happens – Asking for help will give your office managers an idea of what they need to do better to support their employees. And you were a part of it!

It’s a freaky thought to be vulnerable at work. And we’re not saying you should run in sobbing talking about your latest breakup to all of your coworkers. But it couldn’t hurt to be honest about what you’re actually capable of before you crash and burn from all the stress! Boundaries, people!

Source: Life Hacker

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