Is Stan from Accounting Faking that Smile?

According to a new study from Michigan State University, plastering on a fake smile at work could lead to unethical behavior. Brent Scott, a College of Business professor said the "emotional labor" of putting on a happy face in front of customers or coworkers is what can cause underhanded behavior.

“They feel inauthentic … when people feel fake, they act in more unethical ways," Scott said. “Surface acting overwhelmingly is bad for people. It’s more depleting; it’s more stressful; it creates feelings of dissonance between what they’re displaying and what they’re feeling, which is not pleasant to experience."

Researchers found that employees with fake smiles are more likely to drag out work to get overtime pay, hide errors made on the job, pass blame to other co-workers and even claim credit for someone else's success. (WXYZ-TV)

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