Study Finds, Men With Beards Make Better Boyfriends!

Hey ladies, how do you feel about guys with facial hair? According to a study from Australia, women have a preference for how scruffy they like their men to be and it changes depending on whether we’re talking about a fling or a long-term romance.


Researchers from the University of Queensland worked with over 8,000 women, showing them photos of men’s faces with different amounts of facial hair, from clean shaven to Santa-level beards. Then the women were asked to rank the dudes based on attractiveness for a short-term thing or a long-term relationship.

And it turns out, women rank men with heavy stubble as the sexist overall, with short stubble coming in second. But when it comes to settling down with a partner for a lasting relationship, ladies prefer men with beards. And when it comes to a one-night stand? That’s when the men with light stubble score big. Apologies to all you clean shaven guys out there.

Source: Whimn

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