The Best Time Of Day To Be On Tinder!

You would think with the popularity of dating apps that getting dates would be easier than ever, but singles say that’s just not the case. It’s not as simple as opening your Tinder profile and finding half a dozen dates lined up. But it turns out, some times are better than others when it comes to swiping and now Tinder is revealing exactly when that is.

Tinder did some research into the habits of its users and found some interesting trends. They’ve released their findings in the “Year in Swipe” and it tells us exactly when the most popular time, day, and month to log into the app is. And even though it’s pretty much the worst day of the week, it seems Monday wins the week and is the most likely day to land you a date. And if you want to get more specific…the best time to log on is at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

According to the data, you’ll have to wait a while for the most popular month for users to log on, Tinder says it’s August. But days linked to other events also get more traction than others. In 2018, Super Bowl Sunday (February 4th) had more user activity than other holidays or significant days of the year. Coming in second and third in that category are both music festivals, Bonnaroo (June 7th to 10th) and Coachella (April 13th to 22nd). And the royal wedding may have inspired a romantic mood because May 9th, Harry and Meghan’s wedding day, was the fourth most active holiday for Tinder users. Knowledge is power, so hopefully this will help you get more matches, friends.

Source: Elite Daily

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