Millennials Would Give Up A Lot For Amazon!

You’ll never believe this, but recent studies show that millennials are having less sex than any generation before them. And even more shocking than that? They would actually trade sex for some of their more common indulgences. I mean, really. How could we prioritize sex when there’s beer and free shipping?

According to a recent study by Max Borges Agency, most millennials would skip having the sex for an entire year before they gave up shopping on Amazon. It’s just so convenient, and is there really any other way to get groceries these days than having them delivered to your door by Amazon?

And it doesn’t stop there. We’re also not willing to give up happy hour, and would rather see ourselves tossing back a few shots than getting in the sack with anyone. But when it really comes down to it, Amazon trumps even our need to drink.

Source: Elite Daily

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