People Do Not Like To Talk About Money!

Even with best friends there are some subjects folks don’t love to talk about, and according to a new study the one topic that seems to be off limits for most people is…money.

A new survey by Capitol Group finds that Americans would rather talk about almost anything rather than finances. When asked what discussions were off limits with friends the top four were related to money, including household earnings (39%), retirement savings (38%), debt (32%) and inheritance (25%). Surprisingly, they were way more willing to talk about things like politics (17%), drug use (14%) and even racial issues (8%).

As for the reasons money talk was taboo, many said finances were none of other people’s business, while others said it was awkward, and some worried it would create ill feelings amongst friends.

So, who do people talk to about money? Well, the common responses were spouses and financial advisors. Interestingly, while 50% of women say they’d talk to their spouse, only 36% of men say the same. As for financial advisors, 50% of women would go to them, while only 41% of men would. And when it comes to generations, Millennials are the most likely to talk to friends about money issues (23%), and are also more likely to talk to their parents (father 28%, mother 24%).

Source: Capitol Group

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