13-Year Old Gets A National Retailer Deal!

Lexi Proctor from Acokeek, Maryland is a 'kid-prenuer' inspiring girls everywhere. How? She just got a major deal with a nationwide retailer after starting her own hair care line. She's also published two books at only 13! 

13-year-old Lexi Proctor has a head full of luscious curls that frame her youthful face. But bullies made her feel like her hair was less than beautiful.

Lexi turned her pain into profit by using her knowledge as a STEM student to create homemade curly concoctions that promote healthy hair and self-love.


She and her mother Monica Proctor won a $25,000 monetary grant for retail distribution of their Curlanistas product on SallyBeauty.com and support to help grow her business through the Sally Beauty Cultivate program, Baltimore-Times reports. Since launching, her brand has generated $15,000.

When we heard about her we HAD to talk to her! You can hear her story below!


Source: Hello Beautiful

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