Social Media Habits To Cut In 2019!

Okay, so it’s probably unrealistic for some of us to get rid of social media completely. So if we insist on keeping the ‘gram around, there are ways we can make our social media use at least a little more healthy. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you’re making your social media resolutions:

  • Following people with “perfect” lives – If you check out too many influencers with amazing Instagram lives, unfollow a few. It’s not helping anything.

  • Forgetting to experience things – Actually remember to live your life every now and then! Put less emphasis on documenting it, and just enjoy it!

  • Being too focused on the likes – Stop checking back every fifteen minutes to see how your like count is doing. Let it be!

  • Getting sucked into the negativity – There’s a lot of anger and bad crap floating around these days. Try not to get too wrapped up in it.

  • Making social media your safe space – Don’t turn to social media to make you feel better unless you want to see all of the holiday engagements!

We don’t have to cut social media out of our lives completely to understand how to use t in a healthy way. Use the ‘gram to your heart’s content – but don’t make it your entire life. There are so many things to ACTUALLY experience!

Source: Bustle

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