There Is Now A Candle You Can Eat! #YUM

Some candles smell so good that you want to eat them...well with this one, now you can!

Smith & Sinclair, a UK-based company that calls itself "Willy-Wonka for grown-ups," created a very special candle that allows you to experience the scent in a completely new way. The company's new candle gives off a festive aroma perfect for winter, and unlike other candles, tastes as good as it smells.


The Flaming Hot Choc candle is made with a mixture of coconut oil and raw cocoa butter, and comes in two flavors. The spiced orange candle has "sweet notes of mandarin, cloves and cinnamon", which sounds like it would be a really good addition to a hot tea.

You can burn the Flaming Hot Choc candle the same way as you would any other (non-edible) candle. 

The candle is not yet listed on the company's website but they will be available online for $12.77. .

If the candle are not enough, Smith & Sinclair also sells edible fragrances, which can "add a playlist twist to the way you consume your drink". 


Which one are you buying?!

Source: Delish

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