A Man Claims He Only Lives Off Light And Air!

You’ve heard of vegetarians, pescetarians, and now vegans have been on the rise… but one man from Liverpool, England has taken diet fads things to a whole new level. Khai Ho says he’s a “breatharian,” claiming to survive on air and sunlight.

Ho thanks Hindu meditation for helping him survive on just 100 calories a week. Breatharians believe that people can survive solely on “prana,” Hindu religion’s “vital life force.” Ho goes for months at a time without food or water, with the exception of mints to get rid of the “bitter taste” in his mouth. It’s worth noting that Ho doesn’t appear to be starving, either, since he’s stayed at a healthy weight of almost 200 pounds after four years as a “breatharian.”

But it’s not like he avoids food altogether, Ho actually works as a pizza delivery driver. But he says he’s never tempted to grab a slice – in fact, Ho claims that he’s “never really felt hunger and never took much interest in food as a child.”

Source: Mirror

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