Many Americans Have Never Traveled Alone!

While the thought of escaping away on a vacation all by yourself may sound good to some people, a new survey reveals that not that many people actually do it.

A new poll finds that 30.4% of Americans say they have never traveled alone, and when they do, they are five times more likely to travel within the U.S. than internationally. Of those who do travel solo, 27.5% do it for business (domestically), while 21% travel solo for leisure. When it comes to international travel, only 3.2% have traveled overseas for business, while 4.8% have done so for leisure.

So, why don’t more people go on solo trips? Well, it seems security is the biggest concern, with 26.6% of all Americans saying that is their biggest fear traveling alone. For men, the second biggest fear is violence/terrorism (17.8%), followed by a natural disaster (17.8%), but for women, being out after dark is their second biggest concern (26.3%), followed by violence or terrorism (15.7%).

Source: Biz Journals

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