Starbucks Offering Free Coffee For A Month!

Last month, Starbucks’ free reusable cup promo had people running to get their hands on one and now the coffee chain is back with another reason to go green. Starbucks is selling a 16-ounce Brewed Refill Tumbler at their stores for $40 and they’ll refill it every day in January with a free grade brewed hot coffee or hot tea. That’s 31 days of free coffee or tea…but is it worth the price?


If a brewed grande coffee costs $2.89 with tax, multiply that by 31 and you’ve got $89.59 for the month. So if you spend $40 on the cup and get it filled up every day of the month, you’re saving $50. But even if you only go every other day, you’ll break even on 14 visits and have a nice stainless steel silver tumbler out of the deal.

Source: Cooking Light

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