Your Hair Tie Is Dirtier Than You Think!

We know that using some things every single day gets them dirty and that’s why we change and launder our undies and activewear after each use. But did you ever stop to think about your hair accessories and when the last time you cleaned them was? Hair ties and hair bands can have all kinds of gross germs on them and since we touch them with our hands all the time, we’re touching that nastiness too.


“Many fabrics absorb sweat and bacteria throughout the day, including hair ties and hair bands,” dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian explains, “especially during workouts.”


The upside is that unless the items are coming into contact with the skin regularly, like a headband rubbing your forehead with sweat and bacteria, they’re not a big problem for skin. And the fix is really easy: just wash the dang things, people. Dr. Nazarian advises a daily cleaning, especially after every workout. She says basic soap and water will do the trick and you can even put the hair ties inside a pocket of your clothing before you do laundry and let the machine do the work for you. It’s simple and effective and you can’t beat that.

Source: Women's Health

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