More People Are Texting In Their Sleep!


You've likely heard of sleep walking, and sleep eating, but now people are sleep texting. 

Villanova University researchers polled 372 college students and found a quarter of hem reported sleep-texting behavior. 

Researchers define this as 

"the act of responding to or sending a text message while in a sleeping state."

The survey further explained, "The beep or buzz of the cell phone indicating that a call has come in awakens the sleeper, who instinctively reaches over and responds to the message. 

This action can occur once or multiple times during the sleep cycle, adversely affecting the quality and the duration of the individual’s sleep" 

Most who sleep-texted had no memory of the texting behavior, or even what or who they texted. Researchers also looked at social media and claim they found some prime examples of sleep-texts, noting that most are only embarrassing, not dangerous. 

Source: TeenVogue

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