Relationship Resolutions For 2019!

While everyone’s starting to think about New Year’s resolutions, most of them are personal and a lot are related to being healthier. But if you’re in a relationship, you want it to be healthy, too, right? So relationship counselor Simone Bose suggests these resolutions for couples to start the year off right together.

  • Be more grateful for each other - Taking time to acknowledge your partner and things you might not notice in the hustle of everyday life can help you appreciate them more and being complimentary of them will help them feel good about themselves too.

  • Actually listen to them - We’ve heard that communication is key, but the most important part of that isn’t what you say, it’s hearing what your partner says. So when they’re talking to you, make eye contact and take in their words instead of thinking about what you’ll say next.

  • Talk about your goals for the year ahead - Share the things you’d like to accomplish in 2019 and ask your S.O. to do the same, then see how you can help each other achieve your goals. Being supportive of each other so you can grow within the relationship will make you both happier in the relationship.

  • Do something together - Not just a drink at your neighborhood bar, do something new and different. Take a class together, learn something together, even if you’re broke and have to learn it on a YouTube video, you’ll be giving each other time and developing as a couple, which is important.

  • Forgive - Talk about things that are bothering you and dig deep to find out why things may upset you and your partner so you can understand where each other are coming from and it’ll be easier to forgive when you fight.

  • Put your phones away - When you’re together, make point to focus on being with your partner, not scrolling through your phone. All couples are guilty of it sometimes, but try to start being more aware of it and your partner will notice and appreciate it.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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