This Hotel Offers A "Womb Room" For Better Sleep!


From stress to too many lattes, there are lots of things that can keep us from our much-needed sleep, but a hotel in London has a new way to help guests catch those ZZZs. People who stay at The Zed Rooms will have the chance to sleep like a baby - literally - in one of their new rooms with a “womb-inspired interior.” The idea is a collaboration between boutique apartment business Cuckooz and sleep specialists Simba and it’s all supposed to help folks sleep better in their home away from home.


The Womb Room features a cocoon-like bed that’s been designed to “imitate the safety and security of the womb.” The space has been created to encourage REM-rich sleep, the kind of sleep that “increases brain activity, promotes learning and creates dreams.” The rooms have soft lighting, peach walls, plus the unique beds are supposed to give guests the “safety and snugness” of a womb for ideal sleep.


The rooms also encourage relaxation with temperature-regulating mattresses and blackout blinds, and there’s even a sleep menu where guests can choose items high in serotonin, melatonin, and tryptophan, which are all supposed to boost feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Sounds like the perfect escape from the hectic holidays.

Source: Yahoo

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