Worst Passwords Offenders of 2018 Revealed!

We are all told time and time again to make our passwords difficult in order to protect our personal information, but far too many of us just don’t listen. But it isn’t just regular folks who are leaving our tech vulnerable, and a new report reveals the most high-profile passwords mistakes of the year.

Dashlane has just come out with their annual "Worst Password Offenders” list featuring well-known individuals and organizations that had the most significant password-related blunders in 2018. 

Topping the list is rapper Kanye West, who, during a visit to the White House, revealed on camera that his iPhone passcode was "000000.”  Coming in second is The Pentagon, where auditors from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) were actually able to guess admin passwords in just nine seconds, and discovered that software for weapons systems were protected by default passwords, easily found via a Google search.

Dashlane’s Worst Password Offenders of 2018

  1. Kanye West

  2. The Pentagon

  3. Cryptocurrency owners (many forgot their passwords to their valuable digital wallets)

  4. Nutella (they encouraged Twitter followers to use "Nutella" as their password)

  5. UK Law Firms (over a million corporate email and password combinations were found on the dark web)

  6. Texas (over 14 million voter records, including personal information, was exposed on a server that wasn't password protected)

  7. White House Staff (a staffer wrote his email login and password on White House stationary and left it at a bus stop)

  8. Google (a student from India was able to hack into one of their pages, simply logging in to the admin page using a blank username and password)

  9. United Nations (they used Trello, Jira, and Google Docs to collaborate on projects, but forgot to password protect their documents)

  10. University of Cambridge (a password blunder allowed anyone to access the data of millions of people being studied by the university's researchers)

Source: Yahoo Finance

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