CHILLI: I Won a Scooter at Our Holiday Party!

I almost didn't go to our office holiday party yesterday. It was taking place at the radio station from 2-5pm...which meant I'd have to drive home in traffic. I had a dentist appointment at noon...and I knew my mouth and face was going to be numb for hours...and I wouldn't be able to eat or drink anything. Yet another reason to skip the party.

However, after I left the dentist's office, I decided to drive back to work and "stop by" the party because I heard there were going to be some great raffle prizes this year. We had over 20 cool prizes...including airline tickets to Europe, Amazon gift cards, smart speakers, designer watches and a Honda scooter. 

Almost everyone at the party was eyeing the scooter. I sat on it like a lot of other people...but I NEVER thought I'd actually win. They saved the scooter for LAST. I can't believe I stayed until the end of the party (I was just supposed to stop by, remember?). It's a good thing I did...because I had the winning raffle ticket! 


I laughed at my luck. I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with it. Several co-workers offered to buy it from me (for a discounted price). My husband has NO INTEREST in keeping it. I'm trying to imagine what I'd do if I DID keep it. Like, would I just ride around Vienna on this thing? Take trips to Target or Starbucks? LOL.  

Toby + Chilli Mornings


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