Collingwood Lights Wins The Christmas Light Fight!


Bill Vaughan's Collingwood Lights has been a local favorite among holiday displays.  Collingwood Lights was featured on ABC's "Great Christmas Light Fight" and won the prize on Nov. 26!

Judge Taniya Nayak awarded the Greater Alexandria display with the Light Fight trophy and $50,000 in the show's premiere episode.

Collingwood Lights faced competition from a huge inflatable display in Mississippi, 72 themed Christmas trees in Florida and a ranch display in Texas. But Vaughan's efforts to make all of the pieces of the display by hand paid off.

The "Great Christmas Light Fight" is a reality show documenting some of the best Christmas light displays around the country. Check out the season premiere with Collingwood Lights here or see videos of past displays below.

The display is located at 1601 Collingwood Rd, Alexandria. Vaughan and it open on Dec. 1! You can follow him on Collingwood Lights' Facebook page!

Source: Patch

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