People Will Forget The Present You Get Them For Christmas!

A lot of us put lots of effort into finding the perfect Christmas present for our friends and loved ones, but it turns out, no matter how great that gift is, most people will probably forget about it by next year. 

According to a poll by Groupon, 53% of people have already forgotten what gifts they got last year. And what’s worse, one in six gifts received weren’t used or touched again after January 1st.  And overall, the survey finds that 3.5 gifts are unwanted every year.

But even with that, folks should probably put a little effort into a gift purchase, since 35% of people say giving a bad gift can stick with the person, because it affects their opinion of them as a gift giver. So, why would anyone give a bad gift? Well, 50% said it was because “I needed to get them something.”

As for who are the best gift givers out there, most people say their partners are the best, while the worst gift givers are siblings. And when it comes to what qualifies as a memorable gift, clothing and apparel tops the list, followed by dinner at a restaurant, electronics, a spa day or a trip. Gifts people should avoid include wrinkle cream, a scale, exercise equipment, underwear and cleaning supplies.

Source: SWNS Digital

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