The Most Stressful Airports In The U.S!

A lot of people will be traveling for the holidays, which means airports are bound to be a nightmare. But let’s face it, some airports are much more of a nightmare experience than others. 

Well, the site InsureMyTrip has just revealed the airports you should probably avoid, dropping their list of the Most Stressful U.S. Airports, a ranking of the 75 worst US airports for flight cancellations. Topping the list  is New York’s LaGuardia Airport, which has the highest percentage of canceled flights this year (4.9%). In fact, the New York/New Jersey area, in general is pretty bad, with all three of its major airports, and two upstate New York airports landing in the Top Ten.

Now if you want to have a better shot at not dealing with a canceled flight, the site notes you should fly early. It seems flights scheduled to leave between 4 pm and 6 pm are the most susceptible to delays and cancellations.

 Top Ten Most Stressful Airports (click here for the complete list) 

  1. LaGuardia Airport, New York, NY

  2. Norfolk International, Norfolk, VA

  3. Charleston AFB/International, Charleston, SC

  4. Greater Rochester International, Rochester, NY

  5. Philadelphia International, Philadelphia, PA

  6. Newark Liberty International, Newark, NJ

  7. Theodore Francis Green State, Providence, RI

  8. Ronald Reagan Washington National, Washington, DC

  9. Buffalo Niagara International, Buffalo, NY

  10. John F. Kennedy International, New York, NY

Source: Yahoo Finance

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