Things You Should Know About Someone By The Third Date!

First dates are rough, and if you’ve made it past that round, congratulations! You’re already doing better than the majority of us online daters out there. It’s tough to meet someone who you’re willing to sit with for an hour or so, and if you’ve gotten to the third date without being sure of these things, it might be time to call it quits. Your time is valuable!!

Here are some things you should definitely know about each other by date #3:

  • If you enjoy each other’s company – If you’re not sure you’re feeling it by date three, ditch the idea altogether.

  • If they’re going to be around in the near future – If the person you’re dating is planning some big move and you don’t know about it yet, there are problems.

  • If there’s potential for something long term – At this stage of the game, you should probably know what both parties are looking for.

  • If you want the same things – Okay, so maybe you DON’T know what’s in store for the future, but you should at least know if you’re kind of heading in the same direction.

If you’re pretty clear on all of these things, you’re probably well on your way to a fourth date. And at this point, why are we really counting anymore? Hanging out with them should be exciting no matter how many dates you go on. If you’re bored, it’s time to move on.

Source: Elite Daily

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