#DebateThis - Bride Asks Guest To Leave Wedding For Bringing Their Kids!


A bride is going viral after her Reddit post, asking if she was wrong in kicking out a couple and their two kids from the bride and groom's "kids-free" wedding.

According to the Reddit post, the wedding guests couple, who are long-time family friends that the bride says she "felt that I should invite" them, brought their infant and toddler children, despite the wedding invitations specifically stating that there would be no children at the wedding.

The bride says that she let is slide during the wedding ceremony, but when the couple showed up to the reception with the children, she asked her wedding planner to go and talk to the couple regarding the plans for the children. However, the couple began arguing with the event planner, causing the bride to step in.

The bride reminded the couple that the invitations clearly stated that it would be a kids-free wedding and reception. The wife gave a "sort of apology" to the bride, saying the couple was capable of minding their own children to make sure they weren't in the way of the festivities.

Many of the comments on the Reddit post were agreeing with the bride, however there were some comments that disagreed with the bride's decision.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Local 12

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