Godparent Proposals Are Becoming More Popular!

The word proposal used to be reserved mostly for when someone asked someone else to marry them, but these days we have prom-posals and hoco “proposals”, when teens ask each other to their prom or homecoming dance. And now we can add another kind of proposal to the list: godparent proposals.

According to the Pinterest 100: The top trends for 2019 report, searches for “godparents proposals” are up 152%. But what exactly are they? A cute and creative way for moms and dads to ask loved ones to be godparents to their bundle of joy. It used to be something a parent would ask a friend or family member, but these days, there are godparent proposal mugs, ornaments, glasses, cards with bracelets, and even onesies that do the asking.

Etsy shops are full of puzzles, keepsake boxes, and wine bottle labels to buy to propose to a potential godparent. And really, who could say “no” to a personalized bottle wine with a label reading, “The best aunts get promoted to godmother. Will you be my godmother, Aunt Mary?”

Source: Good Morning America

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