#ParentHack - Buy A Dog Bed For Your Toddler!


A parent on Offspring Facebook group posted a few weeks ago.

“I’m seriously thinking about getting a small dog bed for my toddler. He likes to cuddle pillows and seems to like something against his back. I really think he would love having his own ‘couch’ in the living room. Stupid or genius?”

Some parents were openly relieved to discover they weren’t the only ones to have done this or considered it. Others praised the convenience (cheaper than toddler furniture and machine washable).

Using a dog bed as a toddler bed is an idea we found further support of, in the pages of Slate. Parenting advice columnist Nicole Cliffe suggested using a dog bed as a way for parents to break an unwanted co-sleeping habit:

Group member Whitney originally purchased a dog bed to put under the window sill that her daughter often climbed and now her daughter uses it to lounge on and read books. 

The best thing is can be really affordable and easy to purchase!


If you actually have a dog, he might assume the bed is for him. It may serve as another lesson in sharing, but still worth a shot.

Source: Offspring

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