3 Lessons Learned From Marie Kondo's Netflix Special!


After Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” gained major popularity, Netflix decided to do what it does best by giving us a version we can binge in our beds. “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” has gained a serious following, and is the reason we’re all taking a good, hard look at our closets this week. 


There are some tips from the KonMari method that we probably won’t listen to – like giving up sweatpants for good. But we’ve gathered the three most helpful tips from the tidying up enthusiast. Here are the ones you should take away from the show and the queen of clean herself:

  • Discard first, organize second – There’s no use finding an organizational system for items you’re better off without anyway. Tidying doesn’t mean putting everything away. It means getting rid of things, too.

  • Sort by category, not location – We often store the same type of items in various locations. Think of the toiletries in your bathroom and the lotions on your dresser at the same time.

  • Only keep things that spark joy – Hold things in your hands and think really hard about how useful they really are and if they bring joy or ease to your life. If they don’t? Ditch ‘em.

Marie Kondo claims that once you start using her method, you never go back to a cluttered home again. Well, we think that part is a little bogus. Remember that it’s okay to fail, but also be honest with yourself about when it’s time to put KonMari to use once more. Get cleaning, folks!

Source: Insider

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