Someone Made A Dating App Based On Black Mirror!

In season four of the series “Black Mirror,” there’s an episode about people getting matched together, but their relationship comes with an expiration date. The couple can decide to find out what it is, or remain oblivious until their time is up and have fun while it lasts. It’s a more upbeat episode in the dark and dystopian show, and one viewer seems to have liked it so much, he created a dating app with a similar method of matchmaking.

Julian Alexander, a programmer, recently shared on an AMA on Reddit that he’d been building an AI matchmaker named Juliet to help singles find their ideal match. He posted that he and his buddies were tired of the dating apps and all the swiping with little to no results, so he came up with one of his own.

Alexander’s app, Juliet, only matches you with one person at a time and it “learns” about your likes and dislikes from your interactions. If Juliet decides, your match will expire and it will find you someone you’re more compatible with. He says it takes physical aspects and personality into account and that the unpredictability of the time element gives it an urgency, so users can be more focused on finding a match.

"Like when you see someone you're interested in, you have to make a move or you'll lose your chance," Alexander says, adding that he’s a big fan of "Black Mirror," and feels the role of technology in modern day life extremely important. Guess that’s love in the digital age.

Source: Insider

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