Teen Is Helping Her Mom During The Shutdown By Selling Scrubs!


The partial government shutdown is still happening and this 11 year girl is taking action to help her furloughed mother. 

The fifth grader’s mother works for the FDA and is currently furloughed as a result of the government shutdown.

She got her last paycheck on Friday, December 28.

That’s when Berrellez came up with a plan to try to bring in some extra money to help her family through the shutdown.

Bella’s ‘Sweet Scrubs’ is a business she started, selling homemade sugar scrubs for $7 each.


“You take the scrub and rub it on your body in the shower, you use it two or three times a week. It will leave your skin very nice and soft,” she said. “I make it using sugar, and all organic and natural ingredients.”

Berrellez sells them to her neighbors and for an extra 50 cents, she’ll even deliver the products to those who live nearby.

She also sells the sugar scrubs on Etsy, and started a Twitter account to tell potential customers about her special shutdown survival effort. Every dollar she brings in will help her family in some small way, as the government shutdown stretches on.

Good luck to Bella! 

Source: AJC

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