Millennials Really Love Plants! #PlantBabies

Millennials are really into plants. In the past year, over $47 million was spent on gardening projects and one-third of that spending was done by Millennials buying houseplants. 

In fact, Millennials are so into houseplants that many see them as their “babies” – with some going so far as to name them. Don’t believe us? 

Do a social media search for #PlantBabies or #PlantGang


And it’s only as expensive as you make it. While you can drop $250 on the fiddle-leaf fig, which was last year’s Instagram darling, already-potted succulents start at $4 or $5 apiece at Lowe’s, or sets of three is under $15 at Home Depot, or you can find bushier plants like pothos vines and spider plants for under $20 a pot. And for the most part, they just require free tap water.

Source: Market Watch

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