#30DayChallenge - Stair Challenge

I recently bought a book FULL of 30 day challenges! It is supposed to help improve all aspects of your life so I thought this year I would implement some of these challenges in my life!

Thoughts before the challenge: 

Today is 01/15/19 one day before the challenge and I chose this one because it... seemed easy. Now I am adjusting the challenge a bit because you are supposed to use the stairmaster and walk more and more flights each day BUT....I don't have a stairmaster so instead for 30 days I will ONLY take the stairs everywhere I go. 

I am so lazy and I hate the stairs. I am THAT girl who takes the elevator up one flight. So while I feel the challenge is easy to maintain I know I am not going to be happy the first week. (since I work on the top floor)

Why am I starting in the middle of the week? GOOD QUESTION! 

Well usually people put off tasks/goals/etc because they want to start at the beginning of the week, month, year but I feel the second you get motivated is when you should start. 

So wish me luck and a perkier booty! ;)

Day 1 - I didn't walk up the steps because...I couldn't find the stairs! But I did walk down all 6 flights to my car!

Also it turns out when I did find the stairs...the doors were LOCKED! Since I get to work so early the building is technically not open so I do not have stair access until 8am...which does not work! So I am deeming this challenge a fail and have to pick a new one! 

Stay tuned for that! DUN DUN DUN!

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