Thrift Stores Overflowing After Marie Kondo's Special!


Marie Kondo is taking over the closets and junk drawers of newfound neat-freaks nationwide! Since the tidying guru's Netflex series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, debuted on Jan. 1, followers are taking her message of simplifying to heart and cluttering up thrift stores in the DMV! 

There is a spike of donations, including pictures of long lines of  donors, but the Washington Post reports that DC-area Goodwill locations said donations the first week of January are up 66% over last year, while one in Gaithersburg, Md., reported a 372% jump. 

This is the perfect time too because we are just coming off of a holiday break PLUS the weather has caused many residents to use their free time, indoors, to clear out the clutter! 

Maybe now it is time to look in your closet and join this club! 

Source: Newser

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