Producer Kala FINALLY Gives Toby + Chilli Their Christmas Gift!

When is it too late to give someone a gift?


Today is January 17, 2019 and Producer Kala has finally found the perfect gift for Toby + Chilli! Here is a a little backstory. 

Toby Knapp and Chilli Amar are big fans of ice and every refrigerator in the building has an ice maker except for the one at the WASH-FM studios because it is broken! Usually either Toby or Chilli will do an "ice run" to one of our sister stations to steal some ice. 

Seems simple but we are busy during the morning show so they have to find time between songs or breaks to get some ice. 

Producer Kala noticed this struggle and decided to gift them a...

Portable Ice Maker! Here is the one she purchased! It make ice (two different sizes) in less than 10 minutes! 

So better late then never! 

Toby + Chilli Mornings


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