New Study Reveals How Much You Share On Social Media!

Its no secret that most people are consumed with social media these days, but a new report reveals just how much time people are spending on social platforms.

According to a poll by The Manifest, 30% of people are doing something on social media at least ten times a day, and that includes liking, sharing or posting content. What’s more, 94% of people post their own content, including 42% of folks who say they do so at least once a day.

The most popular thing people do is post images (69%), but that’s far from the only interaction going on. Other things folks post on social media include:

  • Updates/announcements (47%)

  • Videos (46%)

  • Opinions (42%)

  • Quotes (39%)

  • Events (36%) 

As for the social media platform folks use most frequently, believe it or not, Facebook is still tops (52%), followed by:

  • YouTube (16%)

  • Instagram (14%)

  • Snapchat (6%)

  • Twitter (6%)

Source: The Manifest

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