Flight Attendants Share Their Dos and Don'ts of Travel!

These days it isn’t uncommon to hear about the bad behavior of airplane passengers, and while some are truly outrageous, there are a lot of everyday things passengers do that can be annoying, especially to flight attendants.

Well, now one flight attendant is revealing what they consider to be the cardinal sins of air travel, eight things flight attendants which passengers would do, and/or stop doing when they are on board a flight.

They include:

  • Don’t complain about turbulence – There’s nothing a flight attendant can do about turbulence. Said one attendant, “As much as I wish I could summon the powers of the earth, I cannot predict nor change the inclement weather happening in the atmosphere around us.”

  • Be prepared so you can get out quickly in an emergency – The better prepared someone is for an emergency, the faster they’ll get out, with flight attendants noting you should do whatever you can to be ready in case you need to get out quickly. 

  • Don’t complain if your food choice isn’t available – There are usually about 300 people on a plane, so if they run out of your meal preference,  there’s nothing a flight attendant can do about it. If your first choice isn’t available and you handle it well, you may even get a surprise from the flight attendant.

  • Do bring an extra pen – Unless you travel domestically, you’ll likely have to fill out some sort of declaration, so always have a pen, and even better, have two to help out that person next to you who may have forgotten theirs, since it’s unlikely the flight attendant will have too many extras.

  • Don’t sleep in the aisles – It may seem more comfortable, but the floor is gross, and it poses a safety risk to other passengers. 

  • Have your boarding pass ready at boarding – This seems obvious but surprisingly a lot of people aren’t ready with their boarding pass when it’s time to get on the plane. 

  • Do not hog the bathroom – Remember, everyone needs to use that lavatory so try and be as quick and efficient as possible.

  • Do keep blinds closed when the entire cabin is sleeping - Don’t be that person to let in extra light when everyone else is trying to get some shuteye. If you want some light, that’s what the overhead light is for.

Source: Daily Mail

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