Employees Who Are Feeling Burnout Are Not Fixing It!

Ask most workers and they’ll tell you burnout on the job is a real thing, but according to a new poll, many workers don’t feel their offices are doing enough to acknowledge and deal with it.

A survey by University of Phoenix, in connection with January being Mental Wellness Month, reveals that 55% of workers say they experience job burnout. As for signs of burnout, workers say it can include anxiety (67%), fatigue (66%), depression (58%) and anger (55%).

As for what folks are doing to combat such burnout, the answer is not much. In fact, only 34% of employees say they’ve taken a day off for their mental health, as opposed to 61% who have taken off for physical ailments. As for why they don’t take the time, reasons include:

  • The company does not view this as an acceptable reason (46%)

  • People are too busy at work to take time off (39%)

  • Shame or judgment by coworkers (36%)

  • Fear of someone else taking over their responsibilities (35%)

  • Societal stigma around mental health (33%)

  • People take them, they just don't talk about it (26%)

Source: Yahoo Finance

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