New Survey Finds That People Are Laughing A Lot!

While these days it may feel like people are always angry and on edge, it turns out most still find reason to laugh, and they’re doing it quite often each day.

A new survey finds most people laugh about eight times a day, and there are a variety of things that make them chuckle. The most common thing that causes people to laugh is the things their kids say (45%), followed by TV sitcoms (40%). Other things that make people laugh include:

  • Memes/ animal videos (37%)

  • Reality TV (32%)

  • Dad jokes (27%)

  • Knock-knock jokes (25%)

  • Mispronunciations (25%)

  • Bad pictures (24%)

  • Puns (21%)

  • Someone tripping (20%)

The poll was conducted by Snow Teeth Whitening, so they wanted to know how people feel about showing their teeth when they laugh, and many are self-conscious about it. In fact, 57% of people say they cover their mouths when they laugh because they are insecure about their teeth, while 50% will do their best to try to smile with their mouth closed. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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