2018's Most Googled Career Question!

A lot of people probably made a New Year’s resolution to find a new job in 2019, but a lot of folks may not know where to start. Well, some people are likely to consult Google for their career questions, and a new report reveals the most Googled career questions, and you may be surprised.

According to Google Trends data, the most popular career question Googled in 2018 was “how to quit job,” followed by “what job should I have.” Other popular Googled career questions include:

  • What is the highest paying job?

  • How to decline a job offer

  • How to get a job

  • How to find a job

  • How to accept a job offer

  • What job is right for me?

  • What to wear to a job interview

  • How to get a job fast 

So, how do you quit your job? 

Well, experts at Market Watch have a few suggestions. First off they recommend giving your current company plenty of notice, with two weeks being the standard for most employees. They also suggest not blabbing to others until you’ve told management, and resign in person to your manger if possible. 

They also note you should try to be positive when you resign, and also be helpful, possibly offering to help train your replacement. 

Source: Market Watch

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