Krispy Kreme's Conversation Heart Donuts Are Instagram Worthy!

As you know, the original Sweethearts Valentine’s Day candies are not going to be around this year. The candy company who makes the iconic pastel hearts with sayings like “Be Mine” on them was sold and the candies won’t be ready in time for the love-themed holiday this year. But Krispy Kreme is here with the next best thing: a new line of colorful Valentine conversation heart-shaped doughnuts.


Starting this Wednesday, Krispy Kreme will be serving the doughnuts that are designed to look like the famous Necco candies. They even come with a dozen cute phrases printed on top, including “DM Me” and “So Extra.” The goodies are all filled with one of four classic Krispy Kreme fillings: cake batter, strawberries & Kreme, raspberry and chocolate Kreme.

These sweet treats will be in stores through February 14th, which happens to be Valentine’s Day. And Krispy Kreme Reward Members can score a sweet deal on Wednesday, February 6th when you can get a free Valentine’s doughnut with any purchase.

Source: People

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