MYM: MD Math Teacher Uses Jingles To Help Students!


Math is not for everyone but one local teacher is trying cool methods to help students in his class memorize math equations. 

Math teacher assistant Harold Hall was inspired to develop catchy songs to engage students in fun ways that would aid in their academic success.

In a video posted to social media, Hall sang and two-stepped the solution to an equation. 


Born in Philly but raised in Maryland, Hall majored in communications but was unsure of his career path when he finished school. He comes from a family of educators and they ultimately inspired him to pursue a career in teaching-- especially since he loves math!

He has now been teaching at Northwest High School for the past four years and supports Grades 9-12, specifically: algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, two-year algebra 2 and quantitative literature.

Source: FOX 5

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