$6 Billion Will Be Spent Super Bowl Sunday!

While millions of people will be watching Sunday’s Super Bowl just for the fun of it, there are plenty of folks who'll have a lot riding on whether the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams win. That’s because a lot of people will have money on the game.

According to the American Gaming Association, about 10% of Americans say they will bet on this Sunday’s game, which translates to about 22.7 million people, and about $6 billion in bets. Currently only eight states offer legal regulated sports betting, which is why about 1.8 million of those Americans plan to bet illegally through a bookie, with millions more placing a bet illegally through offshore online bookies.

So, who is everyone betting for? Well, the poll finds that 52% of Americans will be putting their money on the Rams to win, while 48% will bet on the Patriots. 

Source: American Gaming Association

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