Dog Owners Walk On Average 870 Miles A Year!

If you’re someone who has a hard time getting motivated to exercise, even if it means just walking a little, you may want to consider getting a dog, cause apparently they are likely to get you off that couch.

A new survey finds people who own dogs will walk a total of about 870 miles a year just walking their pet. Overall, those with dogs will walk more than 21 miles a week, with 17 of those miles just devoted to their dog walking. That number is pretty huge when you consider those without dogs walk less than 14 miles a week.

It seems most people take their dogs for a walk, on average, nine times a week, with that walk lasting about 34 minutes, or about two miles. This translates into about five hours a week, or 11 days a year, spent just walking their dog.

And all this dog walking is translating into healthier people. About half of dog owners say they’re overall health has improved because of their dog, plus their pooch has helped reduce their stress. And that’s not the only benefit of having a pooch. In fact, 23% of owners say their dog has made them more sociable, and 16% say their pooch keeps them connected to their community.

Source: SWNS Digital

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