Woman Tries Seven Different Looks To See What Attracts Men!

While a lot of guys may claim they don’t just focus on looks when looking for love online, we all know that’s bogus. There are certain looks that attract more guys, and others that attract a certain type of guy, and one gal set up an experiment to try and figure it all out.

A model from England named Hayley Leeanna posted pictures of herself in seven different looks on a dating site to see what men want and what looks attracted what men. She tried a whole variety of different options including “busty brunette,” “bubbly, party-loving blonde,” “gym bunny” and more, and uncovered some very interesting results. 

Overall, she notes men seem to prefer brunettes, although rich men, like sugar daddies, tend to go for blondes, and she met a lot of “lovely men,” from pics where she wore glasses, because they thought she was intelligent. Interestingly, she did have one picture with absolutely no makeup, and that attracted absolutely no men.

One thing to note, Hayley posted her images to Illicit Encounters, which is actually a dating site for married folks, so you may want to take her results with a grain of salt.

Looks she tried, and the men they attracted, include

  • Busty Brunette – 87 men went for this look, most of whom were just looking for sex.
  • Bubbly, party-loving blonde – 43 men contacted her, mostly rich sugar daddies.
  • Gym Bunny – 25 men contacted her, most of them looking or companionship
  • Hayley as herself – 32 men approached her, many of them actually looking for love and a relationship.
  • Hayley wearing glasses – She got only four men interested, but she described them as nice guys.
  • Businesswoman - Only eight men approached her, and she described them as “a bunch of bores.”
  • No make up – Absolutely no men reached out to her makeup free image.

Source: Daily Mail

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