Many People Have Pre-Work Stress!

Feeling stress before you even get to work? You are not alone. A new survey found that from commuting, to childcare, to family drama to just worrying about the day ahead -- we all have plenty of pre-work stress.

Here are people’s biggest sources of pre-work aggravation:

  • Commute – 45%
  • Worrying about a meeting, deadline, or what the day might bring – 43%
  • Childcare/family mayhem – 35%

According to Claire Williams, director of people and services at CIPHR , changing the way you get from point A to B can reduce a lot of stress! “While not everyone has the luxury of living close enough to their place of work to be able to walk, it’s clear that flexible working arrangements and allowing work from home are key conversations to be having with employees who perhaps are suffering as a result of their commute,” Williams said.

Source: ( The Ladders )

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