Why Parents Are Banning Their Babysitters From Using Social Media!


Silicon Valley parents are now asking nannies to sign contracts banning them from using their phones for private purposes on the job, according to the New York Times. The report says that other moms will sometimes “out” caregivers by posting pictures of them using their devices.

Parents have many reasons for implementing this rule. They need assurances that caregivers won’t be on their phones when they should be watching the children. Distractions from phones don’t just deprive kids of attention.

Parents are also giving nannies instructions for policing social media use by the kids in their charge. Many moms and dads are setting strict limits on the amount of time kids can spend with screens — or banning devices altogether.

And finally parents are including in their contracts whether they're okay with caregivers posting pictures of or stories about their kids. Some parents don't want images of their kids online at all out of privacy concerns, such as fears about could happen with improvements in facial-recognition technology. Others just might not want embarrassing pictures or anecdotes of their kids memorialized for posterity. And others might not want particular aspects of their lives — like their routines or pictures of the interiors of their homes — shared with strangers out of security concerns.

Do you think this is too much? Or do you think more parents should include this in their agreement!

Source: Bloomberg

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