The Best Time To Go On Vacation With Your New Partner!

When you start dating someone you’ll experience a lot of firsts, but knowing when the right time for those firsts is important, especially when it comes to your first vacation together as a couple.

So, when is the right time to take a vacation with your new boo? Well, according to a new poll, 10 months is the perfect time for a couple to go away together for the first time. And it seems picking the right time can make or break a relationship. The poll finds that while 37% of people say they fell in love while on their first vacation, 23% broke up because of the trip.

So, what is the key to making that first vacation a success? Well, 69% of people say it’s picking the right destination, while 61% says it’s having a budget that works for both you and your significant other. Other important factors include: 

  • Good planning (60%)
  • Making sure you and your partner are serious about each other (51%),
  • Being willing to compromise (44%) 

Of course there are also a bunch of challenges when it comes to traveling with your honey for the first time. They include:

  • Overwhelmed by the stress of traveling
  • Disagreeing on where to go or what activities to do
  • Things going wrong with the trip (delayed flights, lost luggage, etc.)
  • Not budgeting properly
  • Ran out of things to talk about

Source: SWNS Digital

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