Women Are More Attracted To Stinkier Guys!

Sorry single guys, but science says you smell worse than your committed counterparts do. According to a new study , men who are unattached are stinkier than those who are in a relationship, but it’s not actually their fault. And it turns out, it’s not because the bachelors have bad hygiene, it’s all about hormones.

Researchers from Macquarie University in Australia set out to show that single men produce more testosterone than coupled-up ones. Higher levels of the hormone are linked with stronger body odor, so things were bound to get stinky in this experiment. Scientists enlisted the help of 82 heterosexual women to do the dirty work of sniffing the sweaty armpits of a group of single guys and a group of attached ones. And it turns out, the bachelors consistently rated higher on the smelly scale.

The female sniffers also frequently rated the single fellas faces as “more masculine” than those of the dudes who were in relationships. Researchers say that’s probably because of the higher testosterone levels, too. Who knew hormones could be so intoxicating?

Source: New York Post

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